Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Speed Training. Day 1.

Tonight was a great evening, even though at this moment my calves are screaming  and I am covered in dry sweat.  A mutual friend suggested we try her speed training group ( Road Kill) and after gathering our courage,  Nicole and I  decided to take her up on the offer. Day 1, ground zero... AND WE SURVIVED!  To give you an idea how hard this  was,  Nicole collapsed in a heap next to the track at around the 2nd mile mark after running near full out pace, but recovered nicely after a few minutes to do 4 more rounds of torture.   It is one thing to be able to run a slow 21.5 miles, and another thing to run 4 miles at speed. Right now I can honestly say the former is  easier than the latter.

 The runners out there looked like race horses and I felt like a peon  amoung all that talent.  It is best to check your pride at the door when doing this.  I was struck by how the coach comes out every week on a voluntary basis to train these people(their race times are a testimony to his knowledge)! Not only that, he had hand written weekly training schedules to give to everyone. We got Level 5.  I was happy we qualified enough to even receive a level.  Coach Ken looked truly happy being out there and I realized we stumbled upon a gem  with this group.  We will keep going ( as we inch closer to our goal of running an ultra) as long as they don't kick us out!  Nicole managed nicely doing speed work in her vibrams, and even went barefoot for the last 1/2 mile.  I am transitioning from winter footwear more slowly than I would like, and have to revert to old running shoes to do speed work. I mention this because it is important to remember  to transition at your own pace so as to prevent injury. Let your body be the guide.


  1. Road Kill... that's a tough group. Good for you... it'll add some speed and endurance to your runs. Mike

  2. Next week are you coming out with me while Nicole goes to Elite. I will need a running partner that I can keep up with