Friday, October 16, 2009

Long Run Sunday

Sunday October 18Th

This is what I wait for all week!

We are continuing on our journey this Sunday morning. Our meeting place will be at the same location as last week, Daily Grind. 185-3393 Portage ave and Cavalier. Start time is 7am (sometimes we are a few minutes behind) and our distance goal this week will be between 9 and 14 miles, and we will probably be out there for about 3 hours (give or take 30 min.). I am bringing along several choices of routes to choose from. I will again bring base camp (my mini-van, ha ha, thanks C) in case we need to store anything, like extra runners, coffee mugs, etc. All levels and distances are welcome to come out as with the several maps option we should be able to accommodate everyone from 3 to 14 miles. We will be running on trails as well as bike paths and roads.

As the thought of training (seriously training) for a marathon is fairly new to me, [story to be told later] and doing so in minimal footwear, I have been exploring the information I've collected to assit in planning routes. I am very much looking forward to adding mileage, learning more and setting goals to be accomplished. I have started to look into the many marathons offered in Canada and was pleasantly surprised to find so many to choose from. Of course I also took a peak and found a whole new world out there when I went looking for the Ultras! Wow, I had no idea our country was so diverse!! I'm loving it (and feeling very sheltered). As I took a peak into this awe-inspiring world I have found some very helpful information about training that I am excited to share. I'm not sure if some of this stuff works, but it all sounds good to me right now, (as I am still very gullible and naive).

After our run, the coffee house is open and they have some fantastic looking snacks. Last weeks date bar was very mmmmm. See you Sunday.


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