Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vapour Barrier Sock

  With 20 cm of snow it is time to ramp up the foot wear. The weather is still mild at -2C.  These vapour barrier liner socks worked well  in between 2 pairs of socks and they fit nicely into the swim shoes.  They worked very well in the morning when the snow and ice were still frozen.  Nearing the end of the run when the ice melted I had to run through a couple puddles and soft snow but my feet were still toasty warm. I was pleasantly surprised.



  1. I am so jelous you had the time for a run. See you tomorrow.

  2. ooo, great idea! So you go sock, barrier, sock, swim shoe? How do the swim shoes do on the ice?

    I still haven't tried anything other than VFFs. Barefooting is deinfitely the best but on trails, a bit of protection is nice :).