Monday, October 12, 2009

October footwear

So out we went for our fist official long run sunday in as close to barefoot as we dare to go. 12.8 miles in 3 hours was a nice long slow distance as we will begin to train for longer distances soon. We have now hit the four week mark of our barefoot adventure and are feeling confident in our new strides.
This is Winnipeg, and we recieved our first snowfall October 9th this year. So in preparation for the winter we began to experiment with our footwear. See picture of our ideas, they include sandals, watershoes with vapour barrier socks, and mukluks. The mukluks are too warm for this weather of -4, but should come in usefull in the -20 to -46 cold we get.
Our route was a new one and the area was nice, it is one we will return too. Thank you C for the trails we didn't know about, they will be useful in the future, and away from the exhaust of traffic. We enjoyed the company and new information on some exciting runs that happen here in Manitoba.

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