Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We did 13 miles on Sunday!

I am finding that my feet and legs are recovering much faster. Everything after this distance is new territory. We began this journey 5 weeks ago with the minimal shoes and the terrain has been familiar. Now all the distances from this point on will be firsts again. I feel like we have approached the edge of a cliff/trail and it is time to go over/on! From here on in it is all new again. I am looking forward to the new lessons I am going to learn (most of them anyway) and the new trails we will see. Thanks C for the trail planning this week.

"Bite off more than you can chew, and than chew it!" Ella Williams

This is the quote I found after I decided I wanted to try running again. I had not run for a few years and I was trying to get back into it, but found myself frustrated as I could not get past 40 min of constant running without crashing.So I decided to sign up for a 1/2 marathon clinic and get some help.That is just what I got out of the clinic, an inspiring coach/instructor who was beyond amazing with his ability to share his love for this sport, as well as some excellent winter dress hints (never before had I thought I would EVER were a balaclava without coercion) and some help adding mileage without trying to commit suicide. I was able to finish my first 1/2 exhilarated and a little exhausted.

Just to make sure that my finishing wasn't a fluke I signed up for a second 1/2 later that year (2008). I ran and finished in spite of having a flu bug. This year I wanted to add to my finishes and signed up for and accomplished three 1/2's in May, each had a better time as I worked towards my goal. I am a slow runner so I am always looking to better my time, but as I am progressing I would also like to add to the distance if I am able to keep the timing steady. This has been fantastic, and as I remember the fear of signing up for the first 1/2 marathon, I am looking forward to once again facing it as I find a full marathon to sign up for.

26.2.... the next fear to conquer! then maybe 30 miles? then 50? on to the ....... let's just work on the next level of training and see where that gets us!

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