Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long Run Sunday

It is the last day before long run sunday! Tomorrow we are going to meet agian at 'Daily Grind' coffee house located at 185-3393 Portage ave and Cavalier. The establishment is not open at 7am, but is well into it's morning when we get back. Our estimated running time tomorrow is about 31/2 hours. Yes it is me that holds us up, as I am the slow runner! But our fast pacer will hopefully be there as well. C has planned our route for tomorrow and I'm really excited about it. We are travelling some new trails (new to us) and we always like some new scenery. The trail looks to be in the 14+miles, but we will have some shortcuts as well for those who may not want as much distance this week. As there are those who may be holding an injury at bay. I am looking forward to getting in some off road time. Hope to see you all in the morning. As usual I will bring base camp in case anyone needs to leave something behind, or needs a ride home after.

If you need a warm up there is the Nike Human Race 10km tonight at 7pm, at the Kenaston Running Room.


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